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The Long Way Home

A four part documentary series on the Vietnam War which won the prestigious Golden Jury Selection Award at the Houston International Film Festival and is introduced by General Noman Schwarzkopf. The series gives an accurate depiction of the war from those that served during that tumultuous time in our nation's history. Part I. Men Versus Myth. The veterans of Vietnam speak out. What they have to say will turn upside down everything you've seen in the movies and heard from the media. Part II. How We Won the War. Provocative and startling; the untold story of the war. Dramatic new information and exclusive insight from leaders of this critical period in history. Part III. How We Lost the War. Powerful commentary from experts of the era; Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger; noted historian Dr. Lewis Sorley; Bill Le Gro- Chief of US Intelligence in Vietnam; and many others. The lessons of the war from those that know. Part IV. The New Diaspora. Harrowing escapes from the Communist regime. Horrors of the "re-education" camps. Insight into the long history of the Vietnamese people and their inspirational struggles to reach freedom.

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Lessons Of The Vietnam War

This one hour documentary about the Vietnam War examines early mistakes in political and military strategies and contrasts American successes during several North Vietnamese offensives with U.S. domestic perceptions of battlefield failure portrayed by the media and echoed by politicians. A credible argument is made that at some point the United States won the war but failed to provide sufficient support to the South Vietnamese military and government. It further explains how diplomacy and the failure of the Unites States to live up to the promises of support to the Republic of South Vietnam made in conjunction with the 1974 Geneva Accords made it impossible for South Vietnam to avoid a full-scale invasion from the North in 1975. The lessons learned apply to present day conflicts and is commonly referred to as the Clear and Hold strategy.

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